Weekend Update


So we decided that we were going to do something cool every weekend to write about on here. Well, not just so we would have something to write about on here, but also to do something cool. Right. Anyway, just to let you know because I know you were on edge about it, my dad's visit was really nice. He seemed to really like the area and the Bay Area feel. We went into SF last Tuesday - my dad and Dan first because I had to work and I met up with them later. They walked most of the Embarcadero and went up to Coit Tower, and we all met up to go to Fisherman's Wharf and eat some touristy clam chowder in a bread bowl. Then we rode a cable car to Chinatown to eat dinner at a slightly sketchy restaurant. It was very San Francisco-tastic. Also, cable cars are pretty sweet. They were built originally because early cars couldn't go up and down the streets in SF because they're so steep. Clearly, that is less of a problem now. Also, cable cars are the only moving national historic landmarks in the country. And they move much faster than one would expect. If you visit me, we're going on a cable car. Just a heads up.

Dad left Wednesday for the mountain climbing and whatnot, and I worked the rest of the week. Friday, however, Dan and I met some of my coworkers for dinner...at Chuck E. Cheese. No really. It was another RD's birthday and we kidnapped her, blindfolded her and went to Chuck E. Cheese. She is older than 30. Anyway, we played a lot of skeeball and whack-a-mole. Dan all of a sudden developed some skill at basketball (weird!) and then we bought a lollipop with all of our tickets. Also - there is no more person dressed up like Chuckie the mouse, or the weird animatronic characters that I remember. There are instead music videos that play over and over of the Chuck E. Cheese characters. One of the songs is "Hot Stuff." As in:

"I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
gotta have some hot stuff
gotta have some lovin' tonight"

yeah. Inappropriate. But, after we left there we went for a little drinking and dancing (see related sad post in the CC forum) and all was well.

Sunday, we went to the Berkeley Kite Festival. It was pretty nice (and the third largest kite festival in the country). If I haven't mentioned already, the Bay Area is friggin windy as all get out, so it's an appropriate place to fly lots of kites. Many of these kites were bigger than I had ever imagined a kite could be. There was also a man who does kite tricks set to music, and teams of people flying kites in sync. Like syncronized swimming, only with kite flying. I, personally, didn't know this was a thing. But I guess people need hobbies. Also, there was funnel cake and a great view of the entire Bay. All in all, a fun time.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm full of fun facts about this new area I call home - please blame Dan. He bought quite the fun coffee table book about Berkeley and now we're both huge dorks about it. *le sigh*

Also, our comforter arrived today!! We somehow magically forgot to get it from my dad's place to put on the moving truck, so he had to mail it and now it's here. And I'm pleased. We've been sleeping under blankets like college kids on a futon. It's the little things kids.

Enormous flying octopi

Other huge kites

Apparently a team sport. Dan aptly named them "Team Fly A Kite"


Jess said...

Those are the coolest kites ever! Wow! I would probably kill myself trying to get one of those in the air, though. Geez.

Meghan said...

I don't think I'd kill myself on the cool kites... I would just manage to get the strings in such a knot that there would be no chance in me actually getting them in the air.