Long weekend...what did we do with it?

All this free time on a three day weekend and I couldn't really tell you what we did. Nothing too exciting...no BBQs, no hanging out in someone's backyard to celebrate the kick-off of summer. But I will recount it for you anyway in thrilling detail because...we thought blogging would be a good idea. Definitely did some sleeping in on Saturday, after the long day of closing happened on Friday. We did our weekly grocery shopping (not at the Farmers Market this time) and as far as we can tell we finally watched the Grey's season finale - which was awesome. Sunday we woke up even later and made brunch. Dan is usually in charge of the pancakes, and I take the bacon and eggs. This week, we had chocolate raspberry pancakes, which were phenomenal - it was a good experiment. After brunch, we decided to maybe actually work on some of the DIY projects we've been saying we're going to do, so we broke out the paint and painted some picture frames to put up some old-time postcards of DC that I found in an antique store. And then we painted some paintings. The backstory on this is that my second year of grad school, we opened a new student center, and so the organization I was in (Graduate Student Senate) got a brand new office. It was pretty barren. Our very creative VP went out, bought some blank canvasses and some paint and printed off some abstract posters that we copied from and voila - art for our new office walls. So, we're basically doing the same thing here. While we did buy a gorgeous photo in Monterrey, and Dan has some great art from Cuba that we framed and hung, we have some big blank spaces we need to fill. The paintings we did Sunday were minis, working up to the big canvasses. They'll be up by the time many of you visit in September and the rule is no laughing. Also, while we painted I think we watched no less than 8 episodes of the West Wing (season 1). Seriously. Today, we took a walk and I talked to my mom and Dan bought some books and we rented a movie (Rendition with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon - has anyone seen it?) and yeah, we're incredibly boring. In more exciting news, however, summer should be a good time. My mom will be out to visit in early June, and then Dan and I will be travelling to Ohio for a wedding. I think in early July I will be home visiting (maybe possibly...more definite plans to come). Near the end of July, my work will start gearing up again, August will be exhausting and then in September almost everyone I love will be out here. So, I know things will be moving along. Also, I highly recommend the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Really, really good. End of most boring post ever. Meghan - will you be in Oxford on June 15? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!

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meghan said...

Not a boring weekend as long as you enjoyed it.

I should be in Oxford June 15. My mom may be here as well, but if you're in the area I'm sure we can work something out.