Quick updates to the work complaints

Apparently, I like to update late at night. Something to check off the to do list before bed you know. **When I mentioned physical threats in my last post about work, I just want to clarify that I was not receiving threats, but a student in my building was and I have to mediate the situation. Lucky me. Anyway, my mom was concerned. **Yes, Laura we will be updating the food blog soon. I got a little discouraged there for awhile, but I'm starting to get reinspired. **Tonight was my last late night of work for the year! No more staff meetings, hall association meetings or classes! Woot. **Guess what? Kevin is alive and doing well. I don't know if other people have talked to him recently, but I hadn't and yeah, he's A-OK. [This bit about not hearing from him in awhile is ironic coming from me, no?] **Good news from New Jersey: A MATCH HAS BEEN FOUND IN MARLTON! In February of 2007 we [my family from New Jersey - my aunt, uncle and cousin] formed a group of family and friends that wanted to make a difference in someone's life. We called our group and our mission "MARROW for MICHAEL". The goal was to register people in the National Marrow Donor Program in the hope that we could find a donor match for Michael or for someone like him needing a marrow transplant to perhaps save their life. The odds of matching someone needing a transplant are incredibly high, but on April 19, 2007 the more than 500 people who turned out at Cherokee High School and volunteered to be tested and add their names to the registry lowered those odds to something attainable. And finally, a success story! Dan Schules, a 24 year old police officer and former classmate of Michael's, was found to be a perfect match for a 16 year old boy from New York who has been waiting for a transplant. Dan completed the final part of the donation procedure on May 5, 2008 and now a desperate 16 year old and his family have a new lease on life.


meghan said...

Such great news of the marrow match. Good work, Delos.

uncle Mike said...

Thanks KK for spreading the good news. I know from talking to Dan (the marrow donor) that he feels he has made a difference and that he loves that feeling. I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to be tested and join the Nat'l Marrow Donor Program ( www.marrow.org ). Sorry for the commercial.
Uncle Mike

lb said...

I like being addressed directly in your blog posts. It makes me feel like a celebrity. A blogebrity.

....I promise to never say/type "blogebrity" ever again.

Glad to hear Kevin is alive! That makes me happy, friends being alive.

Awesome marrow matching work indeed! So inspiring and they have your amazing family to thank!