Superbly Berkeley

Yesterday was a wonderful full day of embracing the Berkeley lifestyle. We only set out to take a walk and get some food, but it turned into an exploration filled with local produce, public services, and the good old random park festival. Oh, did I mention that we must have walked nearly 4 miles around Berkeley to enjoy all these fun things. Who needs a car. OK, so we actually did purposefully want to make it to the farmer's market. There are 3 each week in Berkeley, you think we could make it to at least one. And we did! The last time, we went to the all organic farmer's market and basically stuffed ourselves with giant peaches. Yum! It isn't peach season, but strawberry season instead. Again, yum! There's pretty much everything you could want: the local butcher shop meats, local dairy cheeses and butter, fresh veggies, hand made breads and pastas. Hungry yet? So we bought strawberries, and mushrooms, and locally made challah bread. So right next to the farmer's market is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park which is even cooler than it sounds because it has a rock climbing wall sized for babies. It's one of those fun things for kids I wish I could play with. (Not like I can't go use the big boy rock climbing wall.) You know what I'm talking about. Well on this day, there was an interesting looking festival with booths full of fantastical things. By interesting and fantastical, I mean it was a Pagan Festival. Not really our scene, but stumbling through trying not to stare was fun. The children running around with brooms, while their moms who were wearing fairy wings all chatted was...interesting. So continuing our walk, we came across the Berkeley Public Library. Who owns a library card these days? I do. Actually it's in her name, but whatever. Our library is actually really nice, who knew! She's basically trying to find as many inexpensive ways to get books as possible. I count about 7 different ways thus far. As for me, I get to read a lot more now since I commute on the metro... ahem BART. Kristin is excited about using me as her book pick-up and drop-off, since my walk to the BART station takes me right past the library. Anyway, we left the library and then went to do he rest of our grocery shopping that we can't do at a farmer's market. So, we went to Whole Foods. Milk in recycled glass bottles, organic everything, buying in bulk, etc. Good times. Then we walked on home. It really was quite a Berkeley day. And with that, maybe I'll finally post about work too. 2 posts in a day... I dunno, that might be pushing it. Miss you all!


meghan said...

Are you sure you weren't in Oxford? Yesterday I went to the local Farmer's Market right next to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park. Seriously. It's probably the baby version of what you saw, but I'm amused by the similarity none the less.

Sounds like a great day!

Josh said...

I just received my Philadelphia library card in the mail a few weeks ago! Yeah for free books and music! Sounds like a full fun day of walking.