Things to know

**Down to the final three celebrities on Dancing With the Stars...I'm pretty excited about it. Yes I know it's kind of lame but, I love ballroom dancing and I'm not ashamed.

**Meghan asked if I was now a *Chicago Bears* fan, I think because of the "Go Bears" sign in my office window (see picture in previous post) and the answer is no but I am a Cal Bears fan :) The California Golden Bears in fact. I don't think I could ever get excited about a professional team besides the Steelers. Also, my family would disown me.

**It was 86 degrees here today. Tomorrow is supposed 94. Ninety freakin four. I'm pretty excited.

**Dan and I watched a documentary called "The King of Kong" the other night, which is about the two men who are constantly competing with each other to be the world Donkey Kong champion. And I thought it would be interesting, but wow did I get emotionally involved! Throughout the movie, they paint one of the guys as a huge jackass and I totally ate it up. By the end, I was really upset! Damn you Billy Mitchell!

**I miss The Daily Show. Mental note to tape that more often.

This is my dad and Grandma overlooking a river in Florida. My dad is posing like he's in a Captain Morgan ad. Classy.


meghan said...

I haven't watched a single episode of Dancing until last night with some friends... screw stars dancing, bring on more little kids with their unbelievable dance skill!

And the Cal Bears makes much more sense (though I was referring to the Chicago Bears not the Cubs; you've never struck me as a baseball fan).

lb said...

I decided to watch King of Kong too....who doesn't love Steve Wiebe?!!? And also...Walter Day looks like a slightly younger version of Blue from Old School. And Billy Mitchell is an asshat. I too got emotionally invested.