The May edition of 12 on the 12th

Two months in a row that I've remembered. I should totally get an award. Or a sticker on some sort of chart somewhere. (I prefer scratch-n-sniff, just fyi.)

Anyway, here's my day in photos. There are multiple cat photos, I apologize.

10:41 AM - I'm just leaving the house for work (I work until almost 8 PM on Mondays, don't judge me!) And the cats are wrestling. This is quite the action shot.

12:42 PM - On my way out of the office for a meeting. This is my office. Note the ridiculous volume of stuff on my desk.

12:42 PM - I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I get paid to make charts and such out of things like Carebears.

6:19 PM - This is some of my Hall Association giving away root beer floats to the residents to celebrate their last day of classes (which was today)

7:03 PM - And here are some of the fantastically wonderful staff mentors I've been working with in my class. Today was our last day, just time for students to turn in their papers. Koko (the other instructor) and I would never have gotten through class without them.

7:14 PM - And here is said stack of papers. Guess what I'm doing this weekend!

About 7:45 PM - View from one of my buildings on the 8th floor fire escape. Why yes, that is the view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. And yes, we are ridiculously lucky.

About 7:46 PM -Dan and I thinking we're clever taking pictures of our shadows.

Shortly after the shadow picture - This is what my unit looks like. 6 buildings, courtyard, etc. You may remember a very similar view from my summer blog when I was an intern out here.

About 9:15 PM - The stuffed mushrooms Dan made to go with dinner. They're baby portabellas (local, from the farmers market), stuffed with feta and tomatoes. Yum. I know, they kind of look like little creatures with big red eyes. But you know what? They're TASTY little creatures with red eyes.

10:35 PM - Lily independently decides to climb into the office trashcan. Adorable.

11:15 PM - Andddddddd they're out.


meghan said...

Looking at your office picture I must ask, have you now become a Bears fan? (Not of the Care variety, but of the Chicago breed.)

ro! said...

you TOTALLY get an award for this one. =]

love the shadow picture. very cute.