12 (or 15) on the 12th (or 14th)

And now, a recap of our weekend in Ohio. With pictures! In full color!

The Oakland airport. Morning of departure. Dan and a mint mocha chip frappucino (read = chocolatey sugar drink thing). Doesn't he look excited?

I honestly have no idea where we are flying over in this picture, but I looked out the window and thought "Ahhh that's what urban sprawl means"

At Dana's cute adorable house in Clintonville, OH. This is her fierce warrior cat Leonidus. Isn't he good looking?

This is Dana's other fearsome fighter Augustus. Very intimidating. He came into our room the first night we were there and tried to fight me by sticking his nose in my ear.

Second night there, clearly we are having too much wine and a great time. Dana had a little get together where we played games (I taught them how to play Ride the Bus) and we all drank 8 bottles of wine and a mini-keg of beer. Fannnnnnnnntastic.

Onto the wedding photos!! This is the church (St. Xavier) - very imposing, right in downtown Cincinnati.

I understand that it's blurry, but there is no way to get this shot without it being blurry. I mean, she's by definition WALKING down the aisle. So anyway, this is my friend Candy in her outrageously gorgeous wedding gown.

During the ceremony (probably a faux pas to be taking pictures during, but whatever).

Here we are waiting for the shuttle to the reception. Classic photos of me and Dan and Larry and Dana.

This is the also outrageously gorgeous reception site. It's called the Bell Event Center and it used to be a church, so high ceilings, stained glass windows. Lots and lots of candles (as you can see). It was really nice and it felt really appropriate when they introduced the bridal party with "Crazy In Love" playing in the background.

Pretty cake! It also tasted great! The frosting = delish AND sugary enough to make me want to dance.

And here I am with the bride and groom (Candy and Matt), all smiles even though people have been taking pictures of them all freakin night. They also did a choreographed dance number for their first dance that was really sassy. Please notice her loooong train that she danced her ass off in all night long.

At our "OU" table - Amanda, Laura, me and Dana.

The next day after brunch, we noticed this at the hotel. Notice the second listing. I really hope that the name on the second event is pronounced "Roo-bin" and not "Rub-in" because then it was the "Rub-in Weiner" wedding. *Awkward turtle*

Hooray for friends, wine, weddings and travel! Congratulations Candy and Matt!

**They are honeymooning in San Diego, where Matt is excited to go to LegoLand and Candy is just excited to keep referring to it as "A whale's vagina." You stay classy.


meghan said...

This makes me even more excited for getting us all together in Sept!

lb said...

Excellent photos, and I agree with Meghan!!! GGLLLHEEIILGHHHHH. That's my excited noise.