Thoughts of the random type

**Yes Ro we can go to Outside Lands. I mean, you can go with Dan. The whole thing is the same weekend as move-in weekend this August. Clearly, I will be busy. And unhappy about it. **Also, no Dan hasn't written on the other blog (I Share Here). There is nothing wrong with your computer. **I really do enjoy the Berkeley Farmers Market although some of the people are intense about their desire for local organic produce and other yummy things. Today, this one woman skipped past the line for baguettes, grabbed one out of the basket, shoved four dollars at the woman who was selling them, who replied that she would help her in just a minute. The woman proceeded to say (rather loudly and snotty like) that she would just leave the money on the table and then threw the money down and walked away. It's times like that when I wish tripping people or smacking them on the head was socially acceptable. (Although it IS Berkeley, I should try it out.) **Dan and I got up at 9:30 this (Saturday) morning. Craziness I tell you. **I got my stimulus check, hooray! The only nice thing George W. has ever done for me. And the only thing I will ever thank him for. **I'm not sure how to feel about the Democratic nomination stuff. I mean, I knew going in that I wouldn't be disappointed with either Hilary or Obama but as I'm rather sad about it, I think Hillary was my girl. But, like I said, it's not like I'm ho-hum about Obama either. **Restaurants this week, yes indeed. Good food. Heavens knows we like good food. The place we kind of just wandered into on Friday night was nice - we ate at the bar and the bartender graduated from Cal in 1971. He told us that he was arrested 3 times throughout all the riots and things that were going on at the time. He also told us that when he got off work he was going to head home, smoke some pot and go to bed, because "you can take the boy out of Berkeley, but you can't take the Berkeley out of the boy." Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. **Dan is very proud of himself because he bought some shoes that he didn't absolutely need. That's right, he tried on and actually purchased footwear that he was NOT in dire need of. He just liked them. And thought he would wear them sometimes to work, maybe on casual day. Apparently, while I am the world's biggest impulse shopped, this is kind of a big deal for him. **Kevin isn't coming out to Cali in September. While he has perfectly good reasons, I think we should all shun him anyway.


meghan said...

What is Outside Lands?

Josh said...

Sounds to me like Rosa might be involved in some strange World of Warcraft pyramid scheme and she's trying to get KK and Dan sucked into it.

lb said...

I'm jealous you got your stimulus check!! I haven't gotten mine yet, I don't think. Are you going to spend it or save it?!

I, too, don't know what Outside Lands is. Do tell!

love you both can't wait until September!!!!