Weekend recap

Well, Dan kind of wrote an entry about our weekend. We all went ahead and had a social life, which was a new and exciting feeling. Saturday, REM was playing on campus in the Greek Theater, which is effectively a big ampitheater. One of the RD apartments is as close as you can get to the theater without actually being inside the theater grounds, so all the RDs get to "go" to all the concerts that come to campus, without having to pay. So, REM was there Saturday night and they're great live. I, personally, really enjoy Michael Stipe, not because he's a little out there, but because he's a little out there and puts it out there anyway. I admire that. Anyway, they played "Losing my Religion," "What's the Frequency Kenneth," "This One Goes Out to the One I Love," and "Man on the Moon." They played a lot of other songs, but those are the four I know. I was pretty happy about it. Today, we had tickets to see Audra McDonald sing - we had no idea who she was before this year, but she's the actress who plays Naomi on Private Practice. We had no idea she was also a classically trained opera singer. Today, however, she didn't sing any opera but sang a lot of contemporary songs, from musicals and other stuff. She has a lovely voice and is funny funny funny. She apparently released her fourth album (not opera) recently, just as a random infobit. After her show, I went with some of the other RDs to go see the Sex and the City movie. Now, I'm not overly attached to the show but I was curious enough to see what happened. I left afterwards pretty much the same way I went in. Not excited or riled up about it, but happy I knew how everything ended and that was it. I did enjoy the scene with the flowers in the middle of the street. I could also be pretty non-affected because I've never liked Big. Not ever. So anyway. That's my confession. But the movie did make me miss all of you back in DC. This week starts a new two week stint of Dine About Town in San Francisco...cheap meals and all. So, of course, Dan and I will be going out to enjoy it. Hopefully I'll be getting to it on the other blog, which I still have some old posts to write anyway. In the interest of full disclosure, Dan and I were inspired by Laura's profession of love for the West Wing have started watching the series over again. We're almost done with Season 1 and it's STILL an amazing show, even the fourth or fifth time around. I really owe Kevin a drink or two for introducing me to it. In case you didn't read the discussion board today, please go to YouTube and watch the NumaNuma video. That is all.


meghan said...

I'm in a big "I miss DC people" funk already, and I'm seeing SATC this week... I can only imagine what will come of that.

ro! said...

is it just me or is "i share here" defunct?

is that even the proper word for it?

another thing, can we PLEASE go to outside lands??????

KK and Dan said...

You mean, you haven't been able to read anything at all that I've written there?

Benjamin said...

I would like to argue that the love of West Wing was fostered and reared by a love of Sports Night, which, ironically enough originated with Geoff, Brian and Myself three people with no love for Sports. But, we do like politics. There's a moral somewhere.