Favorite West Wing episode?

I'm not sure about my favorite episode ever, but Noel is definitely in the top three. It's a combination of the fact that it's about Josh (love!) and it's some of the best writing in the series, and Yo Yo Ma is on it, but wow. Everytime I watch it I get goosebumps. As I write this I'm thinking that I even might have writted pretty much this exact same spiel at some other point on this blog. Oh well. At least I'm consistent. Anyway, do you have a favorite episode? If not, make one up.

As a side note to that, Missy got to meet Bradley Whitford. OMG. He told her to call him "Brad." OMFG. Envy. I am green with it.

To answer some questions from the last post, Outside Lands is a huge three day music festival going on in Golden Gate Park August 22-24 with a whole bunch of bands/artists that I would love to see. More info here: http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/

And Laura, I actually saved my stimulus check. It's crazy I know, but I'm trying to save again since I used a lot of my savings recently to pay off all my credit card debt. I know it was the adult, responsible thing to do. It is CRAZY how much more fun the beginning of the month is without worrying about credit card bills.

I'm going to a wedding in Ohio this weekend for a friend from grad school. Thinking about the number of my friends who have gotten married since I graduated from college is kind of mind-boggling. First, Kelley and Mike (they should get some sort of first place prize) Then Tommy and Kristen, Mer and Geoff, Matt and Katie, Nikki and Ted, Jean and Lee, Holly and Chris, Dana and Larry. And now Candy and Matt. (Worth nothing that Kel is also in the lead with children! Seriously, she needs a ribbon or something)

Also, it is ridiculous that Erin Lancione, and Jenny Hansen (have you seen Jenny's pictures on Facebook, she looks stunning!) got married recently and this weekend Lisa is also getting married. (I mean, there are countless other people from SLHS that are also married, we don't need an exhaustive list or anything...but if you want to try and make one, I encourage you to do so) Is something in the water? Geez.

Goal: I'm hoping to have something else to talk about besides the West Wing in the next post.

That's Candy and Matt on the left (their wedding this weekend), Dana and Larry in the middle. This was taken graduation day from grad school - seriously, we'd been trying to get our men in the same place for two years. This is the first time it happened. This weekend will be the second.


meghan said...

I also saved my stimulus check. Go us and our saving skills. It, however, does make me laugh considering the point of the stimulus check is to spend the thing and stimulate the economy. Whoops.

hooloovoo-42 said...

Here via Google Alerts. I'd just like to say,

a) Noel is definitely up there in my top 5 WW episodes.

b) There's nowt wrong with blogging about TWW.

c) Bradley Whitford is possibly the most gorgeous and gracious person on the planet (or at least of those I've met in the last month).

lb said...

I don't know what my fav WW episode is...I might have to watch the whole series again to figure it out. :-)