This weekend's roses and thorns

When we have staff meetings and things, we use "roses and thorns" as a fun way to say "highs and lows" where people share the highlights and lowlights of their week, or day or whatever. How student affairs of us. Anyway, we went to the beach this past Saturday - we revisited Stinson Beach to lay out on the beach, soak up the sun and the unseasonably warm weather and pretend we were on the East Coast. Thorns = Getting sunburned in ridiculous patterns, finding out painfully that the "continuous spray" sunblock really doesn't work for crap, and then remembering the horror of aloe vera gel. Roses = Day at the beach, which was awesome. Listening to the waves, falling asleep on a towel while reading a book, and eating slightly melty Oreos. Thorn = My mom ended up not being able to visit, for various reasons having to do with her work schedule, which stinks, but I will be home in about 10 days to visit! Mom and I are going up to visit my grandparents in Johnstown for a few days, over the long weekend. We will be visiting, seeing fireworks and painting my grandparetn's house, which I'm psyched about doing in the July heat and humidity. And then I will be back in the DC area to visit with people and see Jess's engagement ring in person. :) Rose = I went to the Container Store. Yes, this is actually pretty thrilling for me. Mock me all you want. I love to organize. Thorn = I went shopping while sunburned. Let me emphasize that this is not good for your self-esteem as no clothes compliment "Bright red in weird ass patterns" in a dressing room mirror. Rose = I made a quiche. Thorn = My life here is not nearly as cool as Laura's in London. Rose = My dad and uncles did their triathlon!


lb said...

rose: our EQUALLY awesome lives will combine as one in two and a half months.

thorn: i am jealous that you can make quiche. i also find it unpleasant that you cannot make one for me right now, as it's 7:30am my time and I could go for some for breakfast.


meghan said...

Question: Is this visit with your mom your only trip back East this summer?