I know I've been talking a lot about reading, and how I want to read 50 books this year (I'm 42 books in!) but I want to reassure you that Dan and I are also rotting our brains with plenty of TV. Sweet Jebus, I was realizing today how many shows we've been taping lately. Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey's, Burn Notice, Eureka (Dan's pick), LA Ink, Heroes... Dancing with the Stars - Anyone else watch? I'm a big fan of Lance, not only because he's good, but I mean, you can't just turn your back on years of a boy band crush. I also really like Warren Sapp. I really enjoyed Misty as well before she hurt herself and had to leave the show. If you do watch, don't be ashamed. It's OK. We'll love you just the same. Except if you watch Heroes. Then I will judge you. Just a couple of things I need to get off my chest: Private Practice. Violet. Stop the whining. You're the shrink. WORK IT OUT. Grey's. Lexi, please go away. Meredith, please wash your hair. The Biggest Loser...Bob, I wish we were BFF.


meghan said...

Lance is fun to watch, but Warren is my favorite!

ro! said...

hahaha when i saw that lance was dancing i totally thought "oh kk will enjoy that" and i TOTALLYx2 agree that meredith needs to wash her hair.