Vitally important information

Executive decision: I'll post a proper congratulatory photo of Kel, Mike and the boys when we get a really good shot of all 4 of them. They are a family after all. (Crazy!)
So, life has resumed to normal after the recent travels. I do love to travel, but going away 3 of the past 4 weekends has kind of made me feel like a crazy person at work. Seriously, I got back from Vegas with my mom on Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday, I got up and went to my Monday meeting. I'm awesome. And professional.
Vegas was nice - we really just met up out there for my birthday present, which was a ticket to go see Bette Midler. She was great live - sang the songs I wanted to hear, told dirty jokes, and had back-up showgirls who didn't look like sticks, which is always appreciated. She's so little in person! The whole time we were there, I couldn't help but think of Missy's dad, because Irv is a huge Bette fan (little known fact).
Sunday night, we went to see Love, which is a Cirque du Soleil show based entirely on the music of the Beatles. It was seriously like being inside the lyrics of the songs for 90 minutes. It's a huge headtrip. I can't believe someone was able to conceptualize that show and then someone else came along and actually made it happen! Cirque is amazing. If you ever get out to Vegas and have an option of shows to see - Love is totally worth the money.
Anyway, it was nice to see my mom - she was actually on her way back from a trip to Hawaii to visit Mike, which apparently was nice. She will be back out on this coast for Christmas - hooray for not having to travel when plane fares are ridiculous! This does mean, however, that we have to acquire a Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, stockings and the like.
Anddddd I'm boring. I think bullet points may be a useful tool at this juncture.
  • there was some sort of explosion on the freeway this morning. an oil tanker or gas tanker or "something like that" says dan. cool.
  • i am having a serious craving for macado's - which is a southwestern VA sandwich place. YUM. they make really good queso. dan and i used to go on "dates" there. awwwwwwww.
  • so, election. soon. i'm nervous.
  • i only have 6 books left to read this year to meet my goal!
  • i am not currently enjoying the biggest loser. one of the women on the show really bothers me because she's a big liar. but i do still love bob.
  • i'm thinking about taking up yoga. rosa inspired me.
  • there is a possibility that dan and i could be hanging around our apartment for new year's eve, which makes me really sad. people should come visit!!
Clearly, the bullet points aren't working. Look! Kitty pictures!
Lily discovering the cupboards.

They love each other.


meghan said...

In response to your election nerves... I assume that means you want it to be over? My labmate and I were just discussing the same thing. Not only do the numbers sometimes make us nervous, but we get absolutely no work done as we're constantly reading various political-oriented websites (that stats freak in me LOVES Less than 2 weeks!

ro! said...

i'm planning on going to yoga class tonight. you should too! =]