Really, we can quit anytime we want to.

Lily is adorable. What is she sitting in you ask? Our anniversary present to ourselves. That's actually 2 wine racks, every slot in which were accounted for when they arrived. See below. So, with our ridiculous wine habit, we had long ago outgrown our IKEA wine rack* that we bought when we first moved. All the wine in the last picture had been being stored in the cabinet over our fridge, stacked on top of each other on their sides. Everytime Dan went to get a bottle down, the entire system basically collapsed. Something had to be done. Enter two new wine racks. They hold 48 bottles combined...we're hoping being able to see how much wine we have will help us slow down on buying more. No promises. *Yes, the IKEA wine rack is also full.


meghan said...

After seeing you in Napa, I believe the only way for you guys to stop buying wine is to stop going to Napa. I loved the enthusiasm.

ro! said...

no need to justify your wine habit. everyone else is just jealous.
i'm digging the new racks. =]