Keep Tahoe blue!

Lake Tahoe! So our 5 year anniversary was back in August, and we finally got around to celebrating it the last weekend of September. After tossing around some ideas we weren't very excited about, we decided to go up to Lake Tahoe, because pretty much everyone around here won't stop talking about how wonderful and beautiful it is. I actually found out that one of the women I worked with lived up there for 5 years...and I have NO idea what she did for so long. Place to visit? Absolutely. Place to live? My word, I could never. We had been looking into Bed and Breakfasts, but Dan actually found some rental houses that would cost the same per night as a room would at the local B&Bs. So, we ended up with a house that would sleep 10-12 people all to ourselves. It was back in a residential neighborhood, which still freaked me out when it got dark. (Did anyone see that movie The Strangers? Where the couple go out to a house in the woods and get tortured? Yeah, let's just say I had a hard time adjusting to all the little houses in the house) Anyway, we had a great time exploring the area around the lake (which is huge, so we only really saw asmall part of it), through all the little beach towns, went into Nevada, wandered around the shoreline that is a state park and such. The lake is SO clear - apparently in some parts you can see down 75 feet! Right up on the edge, the water was so clear and blue that it honestly looked like we were in the Caribbean somewhere. Before we left on Sunday, we spent the morning/afternoon on the beach and actually came home sunburned. In October. California is pretty great. I'm not ashamed to say that we also drove around from bar to bar until we found someone playing the VT football game on Saturday afternoon. This was actually a pretty chill weekend for us...I didn't go crazy planning, we ate most of our meals in the house, and didn't really have anything to do specifically. I guess we did spend most of our time being together. It was a nice weekend getaway. In the sports bar. If we lived here, we would totally be regulars. The house! With the rental TRUCK. Yes, we reserved a car, but no, they didn't have any left when Dan got what's the point of the reservation you ask? We still don't know. Pretty.

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meghan said...

But the question is did anything happen in 1898? Because that year was happening.

Glad you enjoyed the weekend!