10 Steps to Melting Pyrex Lids

Step 1: Undergo years of influence that inside the oven is an acceptable place to store extra kitchen items.

Step 2: Run out of room in your new kitchen for baking sheets, muffin pans, bread pans, and Pyrex glass brownie holders.

Step 3: Despite your every effort to resist step 1, place your girlfriend's brand new never before used Pyrex AND matching plastic lids in the oven for safe keeping.

Step 4: Plan a really nice dinner for said girlfriend which requires some sort of enclosed heating device, like say an oven.

Step 5: Turn on said enclosed heating device. I recommend about 375 degrees. IMPORTANT: make sure your Pyrex glass brownie holders are still in the oven!

Step 6: Question why the oven is taking so long to warm up, but obviously don't open the door because that would let out all the hot air. If you're extra fancy like us, your old oven won't have a clever glass window to look through either.

Step 6.5: Hold breath.

Step 7: Get ready to put that fancy dinner in the oven, but instead be welcomed by a mushrooming cloud of smoke full of yummy plastic off-gasing smells. Close oven door and glance over your shoulder to see if your anyone else noticed.

Step 8: Open the oven door again for more smoke and smells, instinctively grab the cloth oven mittens to pull out the hot glass Pyrex full of molten plastic lids.

Step 9: Place outside on something cool, but not super cold as the glass will shatter form the drastic change in temperature. I recommend the use of the planter sitting outside the door full of dirt, but also made of plastic which will melt if placed in contact with hot glass.

Step 10: Clean molten goo from inside the oven, finish cooking dinner, find a better place to store stuff.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha best post ever.


Meghan said...

Still laughing!

But Dan, I thank you for those 10 easy steps... I always wondered how to do that. And the pictures make it that much better.

Anonymous said...

He so owes me new Pyrex lids. It wasn't funny at the time, but it's worth a good laugh now :)


tuscanny4me@yahoo.com said...

You can't be drop dead gorgeous and be a great cook at the same time. Ha ha live and learn.

I love you.

david said...


I wonder wonder wonder where
the influence cited in "step 1"
comes from? hm.....

ro! said...

dude my family TOTALLY keeps pots and pans in the oven. seriously, where else do they go?
awesome story. the same thing happened to my aunt and uncle. he didn't know that she kept stuff in the oven and some of it was still wrapped in plastic because it was brand new and it melted.

Missy said...

Seriously, this proves that no good ever comes from cooking! Anyone else remember having to remove the plastic and cardboard from inside the oven @ the beach house because no one in my family ever used it?