Apartment Tour

I know everyone's been waiting to see...

Thankfully we have our own entrance just for the 2 of us. You walk right into our living room.

Living Room/Library/No TV allowed quiet room

Plan - We left nearly all our books in DC :( I'm thinking of installing floating shelves on either side of our picture collage to hold books, picture frames, and of course... all those shotglasses.


Yes, it's a huge California King bed! Kristin rolled over 5 times before hitting the other side. Plan - uh..., more art and pictures?


Plan - a teak bench that can sit under the towels or be brought in the shower for those days we're too lazy to stand.

Hallway/Space between the kitchen counter and the wine we call the hall

Plan - This giant blue, green, and tan rug from Target in the hall

Dining Room/Laundry Room

Plan - hang matching light blue curtains to hide laundry/tools/kitty litter box
We're hoping to put up lots of pictures of windows in the windowless room, and all the pictures have to be from places we've been or want to go, so far Venice and Havana are represented from my travels. Also, we found this black rug with white and light blue designs we want:

Office/TV Room/Guest Bedroom

Plan - add more pillows and make the bed into a couch.


Meghan said...

Nice place! That's more room than I expected you to have. Basically, my vision of where you were living was based on the RD quarters at MWC (small, dark) - your place is much nicer! The dining/laundry space is interesting, but what you've done (and are planning to do) makes it look like yours. Can't wait to visit in the guest/tv/office room.

Love and miss you both!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys! Your place looks wonderful. I can't wait to see it (and you two, of course) in person!

Love you, miss you!

Anonymous said...

PS, it's LB that wrote that...and this :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh KK, your father shared that your apartment was fabulous and it appears that you and Dan have quite a flare for decorating (and who said that I couldn't pass that gene to my offspring). All those years of dorm decorating at VA Tech have paid off.

Dan mentioned the "litter box" does that mean that I have a furry grandchild or grandchildren?

I can't wait to visit...
Hugs and kisses to both of you!