Proud parents :)

Tonight we adopted our kitties :) We got them from Petsmart - and before you attack us, please know that your friendly local Petsmart is actually an adoption site for a local animal shelter - they don't sell cats. So anyway, it was easier for us with a Zipcar to go to one place and get the kitties and necessary kitty supplies.

Anyway - we adopted Lily (formerly Ghost) who is a teeny tiny 3 month old grey shorthair and is ridiculously active and playful. She had Dan wrapped around her paw pretty much from the moment he laid eyes on her.

We also adopted James (formerly Martini -ugh) who is a grey tabby and is about 3 months, 1 week old. He's bigger than Lily, and is much more reserved and hesitant about things. I think Lily kind of freaks him out some because she's so active, but eventually, he joins in her crazy fun.

I would write more about them, except we've literally only had them for about 5 hours and that's all I know! However, they have already both used the litterbox, so hooray for housetrained! We're very excited :) Huzzah for kitties.


Meghan said...


Benjamin said...

kittens are the best... Just wait to they want to borrow the car. Love the names :)

Anonymous said...

omg...james and lily...way to be AWESOME with the naming. for realsies. they're super cute :-)

(ps i'm currently envisioning the two of them having a baby, and you guys naming him harry, and then i'm going to come visit and make him wear glasses and try and tape a felt lightening bolt on his forehead)

Anonymous said...

clearly that was me, LB :-)

Anonymous said...

My furry grandchildren are adorable. Cute and inquisitive just like KK was when she was a wee tyke....