Avenue Q

So we went to see Avenue Q last night, and it was pretty much fantastic. I haven't seen anything quite so hilarious in a long long while. Of course, working at Berkeley, and seeing as how Dan and I went with both students and professional staff, we're already thinking about how we can use it as a training tool to talk about things like racism, sexism, other isms, etc. (The pictures below are from the theater we went to - Dan hearts our camera.)

Also, tomorrow is the first college Game Day - it's about friggin time!! Dan and I (today) bought Cal season tickets. We decided to just bite the bullet and buy them, since we were looking at buying $60-$70 tickets for the game tomorrow (Cal vs. Tenessee) and we figured we might as well spend not 6 times as much for 6 times more games. So look for us at 8 PM on ABC tomorrow at the Cal game.

We're also excited about getting to watch the first VT game tomorrow, and all the pregame stuff from Blacksburg. Good thing pregame starts at 7 IN THE MORNING here. Yeah. (LB I hope you have a fantastic time and that it strikes a lovely balance of emotional and drunken good football times).

This weekend, after the game, seems like it is shaping up to be another weekend full of festivals - there are at least 3 fine arts festivals nearby, so we'll probably be there! Hope all is well :)

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Meghan said...

I've wanted to see Avenue Q for a long time now. Anything that can be described as a combination of Rent and Sesame Street is OK by me!

And I hope your weekend of games was better than mine... darn ND losing.