Huzzah, Wine!

Obviously we spent some time in Napa this weekend, which means wine tasting! I was really excited to see Napa this time of years since the vines are full and it's picking season. We tried a few different places, but we highly recomend Silverado Vineyards. We liked nearly every wine we tasted, especially since they put had a $100 bottle on their tasting menu, and the view over the valley and vineyards was gorgeous! We also visited Mumm Vineyards, which specializes in sparkling wine. Some of them smelled like cheese, but hey, it was nice to try some new things out. Mumm also has a permenant exhibit of Ansel Adams - 75 photos he hand selected himself intended to show his diverse range and skill, and never intended for sale. Apparently, his grandson visits this particular vineyard often. So that was cool. Lots of wine after getting up so early meant us driving home and being in bed by 7 PM. Happy anniversary to us!


ro! said...

i actually have some wine from silverado vineyards in my basement. pretty good.
keep blogging! it's awesome. =]

Anonymous said...

Too much fun you country, ballooning. Great cross the hot air thing off my list of things to do when I visit, since we both have done that. I don't think you guys are suffering one bit.
I love the pics...keep em coming.
I miss you and love you tons.