Zipcar? Hmmm?

Well, as many of you know, Dan and I don't have a car out here so we decided that we would join Zipcar and test it out so that we potentially won't have to have a car at all. So, yesterday, we tried it out for the first time and it was actually ridiculously easy. You reserve the car online, and actually get to pick out the exact car that you want to use. Then you use the Zipcard that they mail to you to unlock the car, and the keys are inside the car. It's anywhere betweem $8.75 and $13 an hour to use, depending which car you reserve and gas, insurance and mileage is included. As in, there is a credit card inside the car that you use to fill the gas was pretty awesome. Anyway, we took the car to Best Buy to buy a new digital camera as our anniversary gift to ourselves. It's pretty sweet, I'm sure Dan and Franklin will discuss it to death as photography dork boys, but overall, I think it takes good pictures. And it takes them fast. Clearly, I'm not a photography buff. So, hopefully, there will be some pictures of our apartment up soon, per my mom's request. So...Zipcar is going to have to count for the cool thing we did this weekend, because mostly I have been preparing for my hall staff members to arrive, which they did this afternoon. So, I actually began training my staff tonight, and they all seem awesome! I'm very excited to be working with all of them. But tonight begins two very long intense weeks of training, from 10 AM to 9 PM (at least), followed by student move-in and Welcome Week, so Dan may be dominating the blog for a short while here. What else. I've definitely very recently started to get homesick. I can't place my finger on exactly what I miss (I mean, besides my family and friends) but there is clearly just a different feel here. And while I really love everything about Berkeley and the Bay Area, it is different from the DC area. So, I'm just missing home in general. Also, Berkeley is friggin freezing. I miss the heat and humidity. I'm sure that everyone wilting in it right now don't believe me, but I'm wearing long pants, sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts every day. It's just not right when it's August. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet girl...this too shall pass, some of the "excitement of the move" has worn off and it's time to get down to "doin it." Maybe there is a bit of angst with Dan and no job yet, but, hang in there, I know you two made the best move and everything will fall into place. Remember, your family and buds are only an email or call away. You're in my daily thoughts and prayers. I love you always.