Yes, we're in Nashville, yes we travelled on the day before Thanksgiving. I don't know how many other people have heard that this is actually the busiest travel day of the year, but I definitely have, so it makes perfect sense that I, who don't especially like crowds, and slow moving people in airports, should have travelled today. Being all paranoid abut the potential overwhelming crowds and the children and the all around horror, Dan and I got to the airport at least an hour and a half early (which is really early for us). We flew out of Oakland, which is one of Southwest's hubs (as in, there are two terminals in the airport. Southwest takes up one entire terminal and all the other airlines share the other) so I was expecting quite the line. We got there all kinds of early, boarding passes in hand, ready to just check our baggage and there line. I mean, literally, NO line. We walked directly up to the ticket counter and immediately were helped by someone. OK fine. Maybe SWA is just on top of their game (which they usually are, by the way...I mean, I don't rave about them all the time for no reason) so I anticipated quite the backup when we hit the security lines. It took all of maybe 12 minutes. Good thing I didn't want to get directly on the plane and sleep for the next four hours.
I think next year, we should resolve to actually try to get our act together before we travel. In case you didn't read about our Las Vegas trip, we ended up staying awake the entire night before we got there. Last night, we slept a total of about three before trekking to the airport. What is that about? Any advice on how to get better at this?
But anyway, we made it, we're already enjoying ourselves immensely. Dan's nephew was incredibly excited to see us, and tonight we're having a thunderstorm!! This is the one weather phenomena that I really really miss from living in DC, so this is pretty exciting. Supposedly, Berkeley has a "rainy season" (also known as "winter") but thunderstorms don't happen. Ever. So, all good things.
I hope this blog post finds everyone having a lovely Thanksgiving and that everyone's travels went safely. Look forward to a cheesy, mush-tastic post tomorrow about what we're thankful for.

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Meghan said...

I heart Southwest... they're about to give me a free ticket somewhere. California, maybe??