So, at the tail end of grad school, and then especially since moving out here, I've become one of those people who read a lot of other people's blogs. Sit back and let me tell you the tale. It all started with one blog that I stumbled upon while looking up restaurant reviews while we were still in the DC area: The guy who writes it (mostly) is just a regular person who loves food and has steadily gained a lot of readership and recognition in the area. He is relatively young, and writes reviews that are readable, and about the stuff that people care about (not things like "they served their fish without a starch...can you even imagine the horror!" but more like, "it's expensive and not worth it.") So one day, while reading his archives (no comments about that please) I found his links section, which is kind of what I'm creating with this entry right now. One of them was to his wife's website...and wow was it all downhill from there. Her website is She is a stay at home mom with their 2 year old son. Seriously, I stalk them. I read her site every day. She is SO friggin hilarious. I mean, Brian Regen level hilarity. I have often sat in front of the computer laughing out loud while people stare at me in wonder and disbelief while I read her posts. But, while hilarious, she's a great writer. If you read her archives, she's written about their whole journey to conceive a baby, her pregnancy, their decision and transition to her being a stay at home mom, quitting her job, etc. She now actually blogs for a living (not on her personal site but on a couple of others.) Anyway, I have gotten a couple of other people addicted to her site as well **cough cough Kevin cough cough** Sometimes we talk about her latest entry. Seriously. So she writes on an additional three blogs, all of which also have links to other blogs which have links see where this is going? It's quite the slippery slope. One of my favorites, though, was discovered by one Laura Anne Benson (how did you find it?): When we made the move out here and I wanted to find out about the area, and things to do, and yummy places to eat, I immediately just started searching for blogs. And really, all you need to do is find one or two you like, and follow their links until you find a couple more you like, etc. It's like looking at people's friends on easily can suck you in for a couple of hours. Honestly, right this second, I can easily name off 10-12 Bay Area blogs and 5 DC blogs that I have on my favorites list that I read whenever I get a few minutes/remember to check them... Yes, I am having trouble letting got of the fact that I don't actually live in DC anymore. Get off my back...and yeah, it's pretty alarming how much information I get from random people who I'll never meet in real life. Would you like some fun blogs to read? Yeah, I thought so. Because I love kitties. A photo blog in San Francisco. They actually update every day. A photo/info blog in SF focusing on one item for each entry. I feel like I'm learning a new fun fact everytime it gets updated. Blog from a line cook in one of the Bay Area's busiest restaurants. Yeah, and the three above. Especially those first three. Now, go forth and read blogs all day. Come back to our blog and tell me how much you heart them. Then, maybe, get back to your work.


Anonymous said...

Wellll thanks - I think I'll be a regular visitor of the line cook blog now. Hooray!
- Kev

Richie said...

Cool...thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additional reading material!! I don't remember how I stumbled upon that DC365 web site...but I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) want to be friends with her.

If you like food blogs, you might also like Smitten Kitchen:

She's really funny and I want to make almost everything on there.

KK, since you bake, you might also like Bake or Break:

(the only problem I have with this web site is that damn walnut - I think those are walnuts - banner at the top...I find it repulsive)

Love you kids.



Anonymous said...

yep, thanks for the link.

keep checkin back on the daily!

dc365 said...

Wow! I am flattered! Thanks for reading.