Putting it all out there.

So remember the other day when I told you that I got Season 4 of the West Wing for my birthday from Dan? It's now almost 4 in the morning, and I've been up watching episode after episode. In my defense, I feel like I haven't seen these episodes in a really long time. And also, if you think I'm crazy, which I kind of am, you feel free to blame, well a couple of people. First, Aaron Sorkin for being so amazing, and then blame one Kevin Patrick Romano who got me addicted to the show in the first place. And then maybe also the executive at Bravo whose idea it was to have West Wing marathon Mondays.

Anyway, since all I want to do is ramble about Zoe and Jean Paul, and Andy and Toby's baby, and Sam's running for congress I think I'm going to go to bed instead, because I suspect that if I do talk about those things, you'll just shake your head sadly and wonder if I know they're not real people. I do know, but I have to admit it's just a little disappointing.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Nikki and Ted's one year anniversary. Talk about time flying.


Meghan said...

One year?! Yes, I logically knew this, but it doesn't feel that long ago.

But, in related news, I was just looking over some pictures the other day and found one from Nikki's wedding of Kristin and I kissing Dan on the cheek... what a lucky, lucky boy. Too bad I can't post MY pictures on YOUR blog!

Anonymous said...

haha - 1. I apologize for getting you addicted 2. I completely agree it is just a little disappointing that they are not real people. 3. I need to complete my collection - I only have Season 2, 5, and part of 3 How said is that?

- Kevin