Happy mashed potato day!

In addition to wishing us all a Happy thanksgiving, and a Happy Turkey Day, Dan's nephew also wished all of us here a Happy Mashed Potato Day, so the same to you my friends :)
Of course, I have to say what I'm thankful for - I guess it helps to remember these things at the end of travelling, and the stress that all of that entails.
**I am most thankful for my family. Isn't it wild how you are born into a group of people and later in life realize that not only do you love them, but you also like them? That in itself is a blessing. I, personally, also include my friends in my family. Many of them have been a part of my life for many years, and so they in fact, know a lot of the members of my biological and extended family, and I know members of theirs. But, these are the people who I count on, get support from, make me laugh and who help me remember what is important. CC - we've been through a lot. I know we will go through more. But I also know that it's alright, because you'll be right behind me.
**I am thankful for the opportunity I currently have to expand my horizons at the job that I currently have, in an amazing place, working with some amazing people. While I'm not sure that Berkeley, or the Bay Area, will ever be my home, it's a heck of a place to rest my head for a few years. It's an amazing place. I'm also thankful that this job provides me a lifestyle that allows me to do the long travelling to see my family.
**I am also, of course, thankful for Dan. (Cue: awwww) He supports and challenges me in ways that I never knew I needed. AND he moved with me to California. AND he doesnt mind my crazy work hours or that consistently, people have no idea what I do - especially since he does and he takes the time to explain. Anyway, he's pretty great. I hope you all like him, because he's gonna be around for awhile.
**I'm thankful for a few superficial things too - good cheese, good wine, fast internet service, and Grey's Anatomy. Southwest Airlines, Buzz cupcakes, and Dave Matthews Band too.
So...what are you thankful for? Also...Happy Mashed Potato Day!

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Meghan said...

And I am thankful for you!! And all my friends and family... it amazes me how we've all stuck together for so long. Aren't high school friends supposed to lose touch after high school? Well boo to that... we've made it and even included more people. To those reading this, thanks!