Ode to Meghan

So today, I had 8 conduct hearings with students. Yes, eight. After work, Dan and I went to Costco to buy supplies to make a spaghetti dinner for 15 people on Sunday. My staff is coming over to celebrate November birthdays (we do this once a month, clearly). So, my brain is a little jumbled. Having to deal with the crazies at Costco will do that to you.

Today Dan and I decided that we should do a whole post that talks about the amazing wonderfulness of one Meghan Housley. I mean, clearly she's pretty awesome, but so is everyone who we know and love and reads this blog. However, Meghan has exceeded you in awesomeness, at least today, because we have noticed that Meghan leaves a fun comment on almost everyone of our posts. Therefore, she is our favorite person of the day.

Also, she totally just finished the written part of her comps. She's a machine. As Ro would say, "Strong!"

Our favorite memories with Meghan.
Kristin: To set the tone, we were in high school, and Meghan was dating Mike Deal. While he was really good looking and had amazing hair, he was a little lacking in the personality department. (Clearly, an upgrade when she started dating our very own Josh.) Anyway, we decided to go to Gonzaga for a band concert (or something...was it a band concert?) and Mike, ever the helpful boyfriend, wrote the directions down for us. So, Meghan was the driver, and I was the navigator, except that in high school, neither of us had spent a lot of time navigating DC, especially at night. So, clearly things did not go as planned. Not that the directions were particularly helpful either...there was something about one street "jogging" onto the next...which I'm still confused about. Needless to say, we never got to the band concert. Although we did drive the wrong way down a one way street, which was frightening, and drive through some areas that I totally thought we were going to get car jacked in, which was even more frightening, and basically freaked ourselves out. We eventually found a police officer who helped get headed back in the right direction (suburbia!) but it was kind of a long night. We were more than a little embarassed about it, and promised to not talk about it for a long time. To anyone. Ah, good thing I have a blog now ;)

Dan: When Meghan finally admitted she was dating Josh! Really, during the New Year's party when she wouldn't tell anyone who she was seeing, but I guessed Josh. She'll argue that I guessed pretty much every guy that I knew had ever talked to her, but still, I had guessed Josh! Though, she couldn't bring herself to admit I was right until way after.

To continue the ode - you, loyal blog readers, now leave a comment about how awesome Meghan is or your favorite memory of her.
(And if you leave comments on other posts, one day, there could be an ode to YOU!)


Meghan said...

OK, you guys are pretty awesome... I'm definitely smiling from ear to ear at the moment.

And that driving in DC experience! I still tell people that story (though no one that has actually driven in DC). To be honest, I'm still a little scared to drive in DC - darn Deal and those directions!

Thanks for the love!!

Anonymous said...

Meghan is totally awesome. One memory is how we used to really only have one! Meghan, did "Quads" or "Snares" come first? Either way, that was the only thing we would say to each other,and then be like..."heh..heh..okayuhhhseeyoulater!". But then she was gracious enough to give me rides to school in the morning, and we continued to create more things to talk about, and now we have normal conversations! Quite a wonderful evolution.

Also, she's super smart and is published, and is going to be Dr. Housley. Way to be. Love you! (directed to Meghan, KK, Dan, and all of the CC)