Happy Turkey Day! Part 2

Did you know that a bear can suddenly become a bird and it eats worm pie baked in Dora the Explorer's oven? I didn't, but it's true! It's true... again, and again, and again. Also a blue wagon filled with a mop, swifter, and vacuum accessories becomes the Blue Cleaning Truck that drives in circles around the house with a broom leading the way like a deep cleaning battering ram. Also, by "drive," I mean I am pushing my nephew whichever way he wants to go as dictated by the direction the broom points.
To start, I'm thankful for the power of creativity!
I am thankful for the opportunities I've had. My mom noted today the wide variety of experiences I have had in my young life. I am thankful for the drive to experience new things, and I hope it's only the tip of the iceberg of new experiences I will share with Kristin.
Oh yea, speaking of her... I am incredibly thankful for her love, time, patience, interest, passion, all the long talks, and so much more. I've never met anyone like her. Thanks for that baby!
We're away for 5 days, and we desperately miss our kitties. We are both thankful that we found our kitties! They're our family, even if Lily is the Houdini of cats and tries to sneak out.
My superficial thankful list includes: Thai food, Indian food, dessert... mmm... pie, food! Missy Higgins. Kristin said Grey's Anatomy. So together I think it's safe to say Missy Higgins' music on Grey's Anatomy (a wonderful surprise tonight). Did she say Southwest Airlines? And because I hope we play tonight, I'm thankful for The Settlers of Catan.
Happy Turkey Day everyone! And apparently, Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day tomorrow!

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Meghan said...

Dan, in case you didn't pick up on this on my last post to KK, I'm thankful for you too!!

... and what is The Settler's of Catan?