Getting in under the wire!

Yes yes I know, it's almost 3 AM in DC, well too bad! It's not midnight here yet, so I've still got some time to write today. No use not living up to the goal only three days in. Today is/was Veteran's Day, as I'm sure many of you know, so I had today off, which was lovely. Dan and I decided to do another city walk from our book (Walk 2, since you all care).

Besides the fact that we are kinda sorta still sick, and that SF is a city of hills which makes for lots of winded-ness while walking, the walk was lovely. It was another really nice day. I was actually mentioning to Dan that even though we complain that SF is colder than Southern California and windy and foggy and ugh, I bet today while we were walking around in the sun and it was about 65 degrees that it was still warmer than many of you are experiencing now.

So, our walk today took us through North Beach, which is the primarily Italian area in SF, and up and down and all around Telegraph Hill, which is where Coit Tower was built and where we walked some when Rosa was here (see previous posts, and pictures of parrots). We actually saw the supposed "oldest Italian restaurant in America" and the last operational barrel-malting factory west of the Mississippi (which is now condos). We went to Jack Early park, which is this really nice little enclave in a residential neighborhood, up where the views are gorgeous, and which will now be on the "A" tour for anyone who comes to visit. We went through a lot of green spaces and quaint neighborhood parks, saw some AMAZING homes (and by amazing I mean ridiculously huge and expensive) and Dan wants you know that he really enjoyed it.

Also, the highlight of the day, which was not on the walking tour, was a Verizon store where they arranged for Dan to get a new phone, for free! And he kind of picked up a nice blond lady while waiting in line. Huzzah.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, since we're almost out of time, and hey, another day of material. We got caught up with watching two episodes of "Heroes" since we've been home - does anyone else watch it? The story lines are just a little ridiculous. And Kristen Bell's character is freaking me out.

Keeping the ball rolling with old photos:

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Anonymous said...

haha, i love that picture. doublemint...doublemint....GUM.

i am excited for these continuing updates. love you both!

love, LB