So, I kind of forgot that today was the UVA/VT game - what a bad bad fan I am. It was a big game! Decided who would play for the ACC Championship! Good thing we won. Apparently, it was quite the good game. Hooray for our season not being over. However, the polls are all up in the air, as LSU lost and I'm watching the Missouri/Kansas game right now, and Kansas isn't doing so hot.
Anyway, yesterday we didn't post, but I don't count it, because we posted twice on Thursday. (Also, big plug for Meghan for posting all over the place!) But yesterday was a good time - we went to the Gaylord Opryland hotel/enormous complex to walk around, look at the decorations (which are amazing) and generally gawk at things. It was really fun - me, Dan, Dan's brother, nephew and parents all went. I'm sure Dan will post some pictures later. Having had stayed in a Gaylord property when I went to the conference in Orlando last March, I wasn't blown away, but the hotel in Orlando was maybe half the size of the one here.
Today was also fun, after some sweet sweet stomach issues this morning, the day improved. Dan's brother made spanakopita for lunch (YUM) and then this afternoon/evening, Dan's brother and sister-in-law went out for dinner and a movie and Dan and I got to babysit. :) There are no words for the level of cuteness. There was lots and lots of playing, some cookie baking, and some snuggling after a nap. Seriously, I know a lot of you are spending time with your family and probably some children of various relations - cousins, friends, etc. - and think that they're pretty cute, but I will challenge you to a picture duel. Nikki and I have done this for quite some time - my cousins vs. her niece. (We're kind of lame.) But anyway.
Tomorrow, there may be some exploring of Nashville, and yes, finally, a recap of Dana's visit :) She has been eagerly awaiting our post. And I know you all are waiting on the edges of your seats as well.


Meghan said...

Don't worry, I watched the VT/UVA game for you... then I had multiple heart attacks watching the ND/Stanford game. ND had 2 TDs called back, one of which had at least 3 laterals... at least they won in the end.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know, but then again if you missed last week's game, who can be sure of anything... so here's a little reminder: Hokies play BC at 10am Pacific time tomorrow. Must be cool to be able to watch football from bed! (I'm driving to WV tomorrow - Rick's having a huge Holiday Open House. Root for the Mountaineers - they better win or the party will be a bust!) - I love you, Dad