Walk 2

This is actually our third walking tour, but it's number 2 in the book. We're rebels going out of order, like George Lucas and Star Wars. (A terrible analogy for humor, but I love people who get it.) Our tour took us on top of one of the 42 hills in San Francisco, and we managed to catch the start of the sunset.

An update to the oil spill. It's still a mess and the fights go back and forth about who is to blame. Long story short, don't eat seafood from San Francisco for the next 10 years.

To the West. Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard street is the 3rd major street from the left. We could see the glare of sun off the windshields as they weaved back and forth down the hill.

To the East. Bay Bridge and Ferry Building.

Amidst a garden in Telegraph Hill where there are no streets, yet there are meters. Kristin is lucky she didn't get a parking ticket.

It's a walking tour of stairs; tada... the next picture is of stairs. They actually lead up to Jack Early Park which apparently is difficult for locals to find. Clearly, we found it.

We miss everyone, and you miss us too right? Post a comment to let us know!


Meghan said...

I DO miss you guys! And I love you. And I think you're pretty. And I can't wait to visit next September. And I can't wait to see you in December. And I want to steal your kittens. And I now want to move to the West Coast (Seattle, anyone?). And I think I'm done.

Anonymous said...

1. Of course we miss you.
2. Seafood from San Francisco = bad. got it.
3. Why would anyone want to live in seattle?
4. Happy hump day
5. Good job on avoiding the ticket Kristin.

- Kevin